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  • I used to be that person who believed wholeheartedly in only eating “whole” foods. What does the term “whole” mean anyways? Well, it is defined as a food that is processed and refined as little as possible. So in essence this means all of your fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. As […]

  • Mamas, babies, and wine, OH MY!

    By Micki Pauley | In Life, Nutrition | on October 27, 2014

    Moms are some of my favorite people to work with because one of the many reasons they come to me is to be a better role model for their children. They want to become healthy and active for their children so that they can spend evenings going for walks, playing chase in their backyard, and […]

  • There is often a pre-conceived view that eating healthy is all about plain food, salads, and eating enough chicken to the end of yours days. NOT the case! If these are your thoughts, KICK them to the curb! If you are truly embracing and living a balanced lifestyle, you know that your foods are full […]

  • “But I Don’t Know Where to Start?!”

    By Micki Pauley | In Life, Nutrition, Uncategorized, Workouts | on October 9, 2014

    As a personal trainer and lifestyle educator, I am often asked, “Where do I even begin!?” Living a healthier lifestyle can be a lot to take in when first beginning. My advice….take one step at a time! When you learned to ride a bicycle, were you perfect the very first time? Probably not. But did […]

  • Some travel, friends, fitness, and good food!

    By Micki Pauley | In Life, Nutrition, Uncategorized | on September 22, 2014

    Okay, so it has been some time since I have written anything, but boy have I been a busy bee!! I traveled home to Charleston, WV for my nieces 2nd birthday and I was able to spend time with family and friends! Then, Tuesday, I left for Charlotte, NC to visit my friend Sydney where […]

  • Surround Yourself with Positivity

    By Micki Pauley | In Life, Uncategorized | on September 5, 2014

    These last few months have not been the easiest. I went to school to become and teacher and completely worked my tail off. All the while, I was learning more and more about fitness and nutrition and slowly realizing that it was my passion to help others in that way. After much thought and scared […]

  • Importance of “Treat” Meals

    By Micki Pauley | In Life, Nutrition, Uncategorized | on August 28, 2014

    Cheat meal” The epic five letter word many fitness competitors and health food junkies love to hear. I prefer to call it a “treat”  meal because I am simply treating myself outside of my clean eating lifestyle. Who says we have to give up the foods we love because we are clean eaters? If it […]

  • Stair Action Workout and my FIRST Blog Post!!!

    By Micki Pauley | In Life, Workouts | on August 26, 2014

    What better way to begin my first blog post than with a killer stair workout!! Not the best pictures, but it was only me taping this morning!I also apologize for the video quality! It will get better with time! I know I previously posted this one, BUT stairs are honestly one of the BEST workouts you […]

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