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Surround Yourself with Positivity

By Micki Pauley | In Life, Uncategorized | on September 5, 2014

These last few months have not been the easiest. I went to school to become and teacher and completely worked my tail off. All the while, I was learning more and more about fitness and nutrition and slowly realizing that it was my passion to help others in that way. After much thought and scared as hell, I decided to pursue my career and start working on building my health and fitness business and also grow more with my super food company.

This past Summer, I started doing group workout classes outside twice a week to get myself out there and also because working out is much more fun with friends! I have been a certified personal trainer for 2 years and getting ready to complete my fitness nutrition certification. I am a coach and Ambassador for Bikini Booty Club and Team Tone and Shred where much of my work is online. I have something started, it just takes a little time and hard word.

The whole point to this is that I have been scared out of my mind these last few months; not really sure what progress will look like in the coming weeks. The secret to keeping me motivated is surrounding myself with nothing but positivity. Thanks to my absolutely supportive husband who believes in everything I do , his confidence in me is what gives me faith. My friends and those who come to my group fitness class have been nothing but encouraging and tell me they are so proud and to really go after it. I have even received messages and emails telling me to keep going and that what I am working to fulfill is so important. I receive so much support that it keeps my flame burning. Yes, I have some who think I am completely out of my mind for starting over with my career, but I want to do what I am truly passionate about for the rest of my life and not look back and say , ” I wish…”

Nothing ever comes easy, but it is not supposed to. We are challenged everyday to see how bad we truly want something. I can tell you that I want this bad. It excites me knowing that I am able to change someones life through health and fitness. We only have one body, take care of it and I would love to help you!!






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